Our Mission

The mission of the Elock Cyber College is to provide cyber skills knowledge through certification and diploma programs. These employer-integrated educational platforms help bring job opportunities to all global communities. The Bridging Nations Foundation, along with its partners, endeavors to utilize technology and modern teaching methods to develop workers with relevant career skills. This educated global workforce will play a significant role in bridging income inequality, ultimately leading to shared prosperity.

Available Courses

Course List
  1. Cybercrime & Defense and Intrusion Detection
  2. Network Systems Security Network Systems Security
  3. Information Systems Security (Information Assurance)
  4. Cryptography
  5. Cybersecurity Management
  6. Cyber Forensics
  7. Ethical Hacking
  8. Cyber Intelligence Strategic Analysis
  9. Cloud Security
  10. Virtualization Security

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Courses for 1st Quarter 2017
  1. Network Systems Security
  2. Ethical Hacking
  3. Cloud Security

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Be an Elock Cyber College Business Partner

The Bridging Nations' Elock Cyber College has been established with an objective to provide cyber skills education across the globe and make it accessible to all. To achieve this objective, Elock Cyber College needs enthusiastic business partners with a passion for education to promote its niche programs across various locations. Committed and enthusiastic business partners are crucial contributors towards attaining E-Lock Cyber College's objective and hence it aims to provide complete support and assistance to the partner.

What does an Elock Cyber College expect from its Business Partner?
An Elock Cyber College business partner will be responsible for reaching out to the local, potential students, providing program information and generating admissions for Elock Cyber College. A partner is expected to understand the programs and their potential students and take online/ offline marketing and promotional efforts to effectively reach them. The partner is expected to put in a considerable amount of time and efforts in the marketing and lead generation activities for the programs.

Who can be an Elock Cyber College Business Partner?
Educational consulting firms, individual consultants, educational institutes, company etc. having the zeal to promote cyber education programs.

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